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Student Project Team - Views on communication in clinical placement

Ben Leung

Student Project Team - Views on student led project on cultural competency

Clifton Wong

I think during the process, it is great! I enjoy working with friends in this project, and we had fun time shooting video. And also, I have gained many new knowledge about different countries and learn about cultures. We have to prepare lots of tools and materials we need to use when we are shooting the videos, and that is also a challenging thing, that challenge our problem solving skills and multitasking

Student Project Team - Views on student-led project on cultural competency

Edmond Cheung

The most important is that I learn what is cultural competency.

Before I did this project, I completely did not know what this concept was. When doing this project, I found a lot of information in internet and other sources. What I learnt was not only the knowledge, but also other skills e.g. PowerPoint, video etc. 

I think effective learning is not only receiving the knowledge from others, but also how you analyze and apply this knowledge in other situation. In this project, I learn effectively because the content for me is interesting, and I’m eager to find the information in the Internet or journal. I learn from it a lot.

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