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As a citizen in the global family, it is not uncommon that our students and graduates would work with patients, colleagues or other healthcare professionals in different ethnicity with different cultural background. Good interpersonal skills and cultural awareness would be essential to enhance students’ learning and competency upon graduation to serve the global community.

This online learning module aims to increase learner’s cultural awareness, understanding on the importance of cultural competency and points to take note when working with people with different cultural background in clinical placement.

Introductory Video for E-Cultural Competency Module

Students' View About Cultural Issue in Clinical Placement

Melvin (Physiotherapy Student, 2016-2020)

Dominic (Physiotherapy Student, 2016-2020)

Judy (Physiotherapy Student, 2016-2020)

E-Cultural Competency Module

SINCE 2018

Cultural Competency
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If you are interested in taking the module, send an email request to cardiomodule@gmail.com 

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